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Recommended Mobile Game of the week: Devil Maker: Tokyo

  It's a card game i found, it's similar to Ayakashi Ghost Guild but it's much better than it.

The advantages of this game are:
  • A cooler way to explore. We can battle other devils easily. Plus it using choose-it method from choosing one of three cards
  • Cooler conversation. Every character's face can change according to their feelings in the story mode. Even the Devils like Yamatano Orochi and Azazel (Story mode)
  • Easy to get rare cards. Just use the ticket and use Premium summon. It also make you get rarity 4-5 easier. 
  • Membership. You can able to save data and transfer it everywhere. Don't need facebook or twitter
  • High quality graphics
  • Easy to upgrade cards. Well there are a lot of upgrades you can use but the ingrediest, it'seasy to find more
  • Easy to acquire a fully or half-fully evolved cards in the explore mode or summon
  • Can acquire boss card. Don't need negotiations like Ayakashi does
  • You can ask for a help from your friends to fight a boss card. Each card that your friends' have just need about 10 minutes for recovery
  • No health needed. No need to worry when investigate, we use the light as the health. And every investigation needs light points.
  • Mini album feature. If you complete one of them, you'll able to receive rewards and also see the conversation of your own cards.
  • Available for KakaoTalk
Disadvantages of this game are:

  • A hard way to read the cards. I don't know few of the attributes
  • Battle, you can't see the progress of it. You must wait about 10 minutes or longer to see the results. It just so unfair!

If you're interested. You can download it from IOs' Apple App Store and Google play (Play store)
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