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Tugas 1: Kasen Minecraft Skin

Tugas 1: Kasen Minecraft Skin

look at this minecraft skin i made. This is Kasen Ibaraki from Touhou Project.

#Fanskin                    download link... i'm not sign up for the web yet so...

The look of the Ruth Ardita's skin in Minecraft Game Online

ruthardita skin

how to look in minecraft, ye here it is 

Kimi Ni Todoke

  Well... It's a really good mix of comedy and romance. It really focused on romance drama type. The graphics here... It's a mix of Japan and Korean anime drawing. On the first time, i though it was Korean anime (because of the eye style). It also have a really good sense at comedies (which is mostly appears at Kazehaya-without-sawako scenes). And the school life there... It's really like a school, i think. But i dun watch the live action movie yet, so i dunno if it's similar or not ._.

i'll tell u more when i watch it further more
Anime Information be posted later on

No Game No Life

  I just watched No Game No Life and i think that the anime is a little bit.... Well ya see, the two gamers here (Sora and Shiro).. Yea i surprised when seeing their status, especially Shiro. It's weird that she never goes to school before ^~^ hehe not teasing. And then their reaction when being separated each other (a little bit too.. Well yeah). And Sora... He's really a gaming genius, until he knows whether a person is cheating or not (now to the reality, i dun even know what is cheating in games). But people thinks he's a cheater since he's undefeatable..
  The world they entered to (which is the one that they think is the right world) is really is a land of games. The rules are pledge 10 and everything there are decided by games, especially for decide the next king! (Sooo perfectly wow) but sadly, Steph-chan doesn't win that gambling tournament (which is also to decide the next king). And i think in that world, it's only based by classic games. Before, i though it was based by video games (since it says "It's all based by games"). Hoho i think the creator must be really creative this time.

O yeah, one fact. I think this anime was created by the creators of Pet Girl Of Sakurasou. Because the graphics is same and you may realize this. Maybe, Sora and Shiro's seiyuu is same as Sorata (lose the Ta) and Mashiro (lose the Ma) and it's surprise me (before i dun even believe it). But i dun know it's true or not.

Anime information will be posted later, after i watched few more episodes

Last day of school=Get ready to get BORED

*that's me everyday when i got bored, in man's way :P

   It's almost the last day of school yiipee!!! XD!!
But before the summer break... I'll have to go to school. Don't think i'll study in there. I'll died there bored TT^TT. My friends will bring NDS, PSP, Gameboy, and bla bla bla but i bring nothing ;^; nyuu i'll get bored, and just sitting drawing (even i'm drawing, i'm still bored if i'm out of ideas).

 But when the break is on, i'll write a lot of posts here :D and i'll be active everyday on Google+ (plz follow my account by pressing follows at the bar below ^~^). Ooh! I'll also going to a lot of place! First i'll go to the museum, and 2 months later, i'll staying in a mountain resort and it has a cool hot spring (i still could imagine it right now. Can't WAIIT!! =w=).

How about u? Will u go somewhere? Or just staying at home bored? Hoho but hope u for having a great summer break! :D
That's all for now, happy summer and have a nice day! ^^ Kon'nichiwa min'na!

Not just a maid: Sakuya Izayoi

  She's the head maid of Scarlet's devil mansion. The only human there, and Remilia's most loved employee than the others. Even though she's a maid, she doesn't even acted like it. She's a calm, little-violent (other name, Badass) teenage girl who has a lot of special ability. Her abilities are:

-Control time and space. Using this power, she could make the time runs faster, or even reverse it. But unfortunately she can't use this power to repair broken things into it's looks before it's broken.

-Her eyes color changed. Her eye color will change according to what she doing.

-Knife throw. She's not using knives just to chop vegetables or fruits. She uses it as weapon. She can throw until 100 knives at the same time. It's been told that her cooking hand and throwing hand are controlable.

There are some debuts about her age. I heard that her age is between 16 and 20. The true answer is still unknown.

Rhythm up with LoveLive now!!

Heya, r u a big fan of Love Live: School idol Project?
Do u want to know their songs and listen to it everyday?
Now that thing won't be a problem

U don't need to buy the album or go to Youtube. U can listen and play games at the same time! Get the songs on your fingertips by playing LOVELIVE!!! SCHOOL IDOL FESTIVAL

Genre: Rhytm game, TCG, visual novel
Publisher: Klab

*Available in Android and Apps Store (English version only available for iOS)


-Listen to all of popular LoveLive's (p's) songs!
-Meet LoveLive original characters!
-200 virtual trading cards u can use to play!
-Get into an awesome story with the character voices by their original voice actor!

Senyuu: Happy ending?

Score: 8,7/10

Aired: 9 January 2013
Duration: 5 minutes
Network: TV Tokyo
Media: Manga, Short anime
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Shōnen
Episodes: 26 (Indonesian subbed version is available)
Season(s): 2

  Long ago, a gigantic hole appeared on the earth and demons appeared everywhere. The king thinks this is the portends the resurrection of the demon king Rchimedes, who was sealed away by the legendary hero (which is also revived) a millenium years ago. The king decreeds that descendants of the hero must take on the threat, and 75 people are choosen to do this.
  The story follows the hero no.45, Alba Frühling. Who goes on a journey with a little innocent demon and a sadist royal soldier, in order to stop the demon king.


~Main Characters~

   Hero no .45 and the main protagonist. A boy who has a Tsukkomist and masochist personality but is also kind-hearted. Likes prison, because he's the only hero from all 75 heroes that is also a prisoner. Even though he's 1/2 prisoner, he doesn't has a criminal record :P. 
   In the manga (vol. 2 and 3), he becomes a Maou Yu***a (copyright cut :}) because of the large amount of Mana he has. Then he becomes the legendary hero, and starts a new era that makes Creashion isn't longer the legendary hero. But sadly in chapter 3 of the manga, he's no longer the main character.
   In popularity poll (vol. 2  chapter 57.5), his nickname is revealed. And it's Rib Guy (since his ribs cracked for so many times because of Ruki's gate). A pretty popular character (2nd rank after Shion).

Extra facts:

-His mother is actually just a bunch of emoticons
-Actually he already meet Shion (his royal soldier) from the first time. When he was travelling around the desert. He saw a man (who is actually Shion) in front of him, sitting around like a confused people while the sandstorm was approaching the dessert. He tried to warn him, but fail. Then he meet again with him at the bar. But at that time, he still viewed him as a stranger. (Full story, read the manga chapter 0)

-Ross (Shion)

  The royal soldier (ally) who companies Alba. He's actually the (previous) legendary hero who seals Rchimedes 1 millenium years ago. Because of his status as the demon lord's son, he has a demon-like personality but also kind at heart (well.. Sometimes he's kind outside). Loves to play or annoy Alba along the way...
   Now back to the manga. In vol 2 chapter 20-25 (i forgot, these chapters tell his childhood). He was a gentle kid who didn't have a mother. He lived his life with his father and his step brother, Crea (Also known as Claire). His father, was a guy who loves to create weird experience and never look at his son, Shion (his real name). His hobby when he was young was only choping woods and digging holes, sometimes play with his step bro (who is also his bff. Plus he didn't interact with much people). One day (AT that time), when he was about to dig a hole to plant an apple tree for both he and Clare, he showed his meanest side. He punched his bff until he died. After that incident, his father comes to warn him. He tries his best to betray him but his father killed him (by slashing his right hand) and he died.
    Few hours later after he died (i forgot, was it few months or hours), he was revived by his own best friend. And then, both of them were went to look for materials. The search for the materials ended up by his father who stabbed Crea to death. Unfortunately i forgot the continue ^^"

    After 1000 years passed, he met his father (name: unknown) again for the 2nd time. Not to celebrate, but having the last battle with him. Luckily, he and the party won the battle but also he lose his title as the legendary hero. In the 3rd volume. He starts his free days travelling with Crea, also become the great great (young) grandfather for the young hero, Lake and a trainer for Alba (who can't control his mana at that time but ended knocked out with Alba because of the final test with him). But then has to fight back because of the reborn of the new demon lord ritual.

     Now back to the popularity poll (chapter 57.5). He's the one who has the highest votes in the vote. Maybe most voters choose him because of his handsome look in chapter 2 (his short, shaggy hair looks cooler than the previous spiky one.) and also his saddist and mansquline action (Which is WHY i like him the most ò///ó) which can approach fangirls' heart.

     In the chapter 0, when he first landed on the year after 1000 years passed. He feels confused at first because of doesn't know where he is. But then gets friendly with his first aquintance (Alba) quickly. For the spiky hair he got at vol.1, here's the secret. Actually before he become the royal soldier, he went to the barbershop to change his hairstyle in order to sneak into the castle. That spiky hairstyle was the most popular one at that time...


  The 3rd demon king. The only child from the royal demon family. The youngest member of the party. She's a cute, innocent girl who also a little mature. She's actually the cause of the mess (yea, monsters EVERYWHERE). It was because of her clumsy action when she accidentaly made popcorns using the monster culbourn (forgot how to spell, i'm not good at English ^^") and then the monsters were popped around like popcorn (look at episode 3). 
   Her first appearance is when she got stabbed on the head by Alba when she was walking around. After she got revived, her first wish was a grape flavoured cola.
   In volume 3 of the manga, she becomes the sub teacher (at young age) at the hero academy. Then she got a little sister named Lym, who was born because of her father's loneliness.

~Major characters~

The other new hero with same mission. He's died in episode 10 in season 2 (reason still unknown).
*in the 3rd chapter of the manga, he becomes a teacher in the hero academy

-Ares (female)
The head maid who is told doesn't look like it either. She's good at making steel machine armors

A princess who doesn't act like a princess. Her weapon is a gigantic steel knight armor that could transform into anything.

-Head buttler (Real name?)
A character that only appears in the OVA (in the manga, he often appears). A very sleepy one.
*The king thinks he's too dumb to be a head buttler in the OVA

-Demon lord (Real name?)
One of the seal's resident. He's a demon lord who doesn't even looks evil. He's more like an easy-going one.

A soldier who has the same mission as the heroes. But the reason isn't as honorable as the others.


  A giraffe-like creature. Alba loses with it in a fight.


   The story is great, it's very relatable with the theme and there's always funny actions in every episodes. First i feel like it's awesome, but at the end, it feels that i wanna cry..
    I also wishing for this anime has a longer duration. I bet it'll be awesome if it has a longer duration. And i don't think that the 3rd season will come after 30 years later, maybe it'll be this year or next year :/

Maybe this anime is short, but it's awesome! U should watch it

Lucky star: Will an otaku survives?

  It seems that, it's really otakunism. Every story here are based by an otaku life (since i feel i have the same thing that happens to Konata). Yep, obssessed by games, manga bookworm, and most of all, only watches manga. But the genre here is random :3 first it's comedy, then shönen (focus type), crossover, then drama. And then, the lucky channel... Yeah i think Akira doesn't have to hurt the guy that assists her ._. But she's a little too....

Aired: 8 April 2007
Duration: 25 minutes
Genre: Comedy, Slice of life, Shōnen
Media: Tv animation series, manga, light novel
Network: CTC
Episodes: 24 (dubbed episodes are available in Youtube)
Season(s): 1

General information
  Being Otaku isn't easy, you have to survive on this world only with 4 options (manga, games, animes, and cosplays). This thing is happens on the life of an otaku gamer girl, Konata Izumi. She spends a single day by reading manga, watch anime, and playing games. And everytime she's  hanging out with her friends, there's always a trouble. Funny things always waiting on every episodes


~Main Characters~

-Konata Izumi (Otaku Goddess)
  Her Favourite anime: The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (aired at 2006)
She's a girl who is intrested in anime/manga, and gaming. A not very smart one, and never thinks anything logical. Pretty popular because......nah i dunno her school doings ^w^". She owns an anime cosplay café (with a Haruhi theme) which is small, and not a very good place to eat in (late ordering, unloyal waiters, small place).
*She's the shortest than the others

-Kagami Hiiragi
  A tsundere girl, one of Konata's friends. Has a hight temper
*She ever cosplaying as Hatsune Miku and it looks perfectly just like the real Miku. 

-Tsukasa Hiiragi (the moe)
  Kagami's twin sister. Unlike her sister, she's very kind and pure. But sometimes can act 

-Miyuki Takara
  A very calm one. Mostly smiles, and the smartest than the others. She's rarely unhappy though.

~Major characters~

-Minami Iwasaki
A quiet one, doesn't talk very much. the emotionless one. Yutaka's bestfriend, she always with Yutaka everywhere she goes

-Yutaka Kobayakawa
Another moe character. She's Konata cousin. A very innocent one, and also a loli.

-Ayano Minagishi

-Hiyori Tamura

-Yui Narumi
  A police women who is Konata's cousin (though she's older than Konata). likes to hang out, and going to the bar. She ever called as "Initial D driver" because of her cool driving style B3

-Yukari Takara
   Miyuki's mother. Only appears when Miyuki is in her home.

-Patricia Martin
  Nationality: France (maybe)
  A foreigner. One of Konata's classmate. The only character that doesn't speak Japanese very well (she ever said that in one episode...)

-Nanako Kuroi
  Konata's teacher. She gets along very well with Konata. But sometimes not...
*She ever (accidentaly) delete one of Konata's saved game file

-Misao Kasukabe

-Konata's father (name?)
-Kanata Izumi
  She's the soul of Konata's mother, who is failed to survive when giving a birth to Konata

-Akira Kogami
 The presenter of Lucky Channel. Always appears at the end of every episodes, giving a review about the recent episode. She's weird... Sometimes

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