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10 packs unique facts: Red Kangaroo

  Kangaroo is the most famous Australian animal after koala. Here's some thing you have to know about them:

  • They protect themselves by punching the peredators/anything that disturbs them. Also the main attack in battles and fights.
  • Group of Kangaroos called as "Mobs"
  • In Modern life, fighting kangaroos are called as "Kangaroo Boxing"
  • The word 'Kangaroo" are from a word "Gangurru"
  • Male Kangaroos called  bucks, boomers, jacks, or old men. And the females called does, flyers, or jills. Young kangaroos called Joey
  • Even it's an unofficial symbol of Australia, they used as the emblem of australian coats which have arms
  • Kangaroos ever had a "Blindness" disease in 1994
  • Kangaroos are impoertant animal for the Australian Aborigines 
  • Young kangaroos must stay in their mother's pocket until their age is 20 months
  • This animal is a marsupial which is the member of macropodidae

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How to deal with LESS UPDATE (KUDET)!

Are you a less update person? 
I've got some informations that can make you become updated 100%. 
these are few steps to make you become updated 100%:

  1. Learn about the cartoons which are popular on DeviantArt
  2. Be a fan of US-pop/K-pop/ID-pop/J-pop
  3. If you're good at drawing, try to draw using Computer/Tablet/iPad
  4. If you're a girl, be a pegasister
  5. Eat this:

Easy right? Try it one by one!
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Happy Ramadhan

For those who celebrates Eid Mubarak/Aidul Fitri/Lebaran. I wish you for a happy Idul Fitri. I hope you forgive what i've done in real life. Also for those out there, happy summer

Holiday trip

I'll go to the resort spa sooner. It's in the Tangkuban Parahu mountain. I'll be there for 3 days 2 nights. This web ill be improved if my dad brings the laptop and the internet. And for those who goes to their hometown, good luck on your way. And for people out there, happy summer

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