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Bad bunny: Reisen Udongein Inaba

  A moon rabbit (inaba) who fell down from moon to the earth. Then she adopted by Kaguya and though she named her Reisen Udongein. Maybe she looks cute and beautiful. But behind her beautiful there is a large amount of dangerous thing which called "Insanity". Her glorious red eyes, if anyone stares to her eyes, she/he become angry or even insane. Some fans called her as "the pupil of insanity" because of this. Some fans also things she is the step sister of Tewi Inaba.

Personal biography

Species: Inaba rabbit (lunar rabbit)
Home: The Moon of course
Friends: Kaguya, Eirin, and Tewi
Special ability: 

Insanity eyes. Her beautiful red eyes can drive people mad by looking at it

Vocaloid: Insanity

Description: A song that tells you the thing that will happen if you're insane. Such as you'll having a                                    physiology problem, or live as a crazy or stressful people.
Miki ft. Kaito version (original)

Ia ft. Miku version (most popular)

the link where u can download TouHou 13.0 (the hopeless masquerade)

 Guys have u checked the Touhou 13 yet? Well, some touhou games are fighting games, so it will gonna be cooler than the previous Touhou's. With cool 2D graphics! I just downloaded this game CAAAAN'T WAIT TO PLAY IT! XD

C, Answer These Questions

1, Where u can download this awesome game? 

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