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Pinkies Hyperactive chat: New Address

  I've heard that PHC is moving to it's new web address. That's why u guys have poblem to open it. 

If it's still not working 'till now, Click here to play!

Plus they say there'll be an update! New version, ver alpha 0.1

Enjoy the game and get more news about it (I take da infos in the forum!)

Losing off skill

Since i used poster paint to paint my dearly beloved pictures that i drew on paper, i realize that i'm almost losing my skills on using crayons. Before i use paint, i win every competition. But now, i almost got on drop! From now on i will stop all of my paint business, back to crayons.... And can any one cheer me up to do this? T^T
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Project: New theme

  Instead of using the old funky theme. I'll change the theme from black to green, to give you a joyful sensation. I'm still working on new ideas, i'll add a diary here if i need to...
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Recommended mobile game of the week: Valkyrie Crusade

  Sort of card game. I've ever played, it's fun but a bit... umm... nevermind. But the most important, watch out for the card pictures. Some of them are... yuck! I've ever found one which is 100% so yuck. So just ignore that thing, okay.
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