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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Score: 8,7/10

Aired: 9 January 2013
Duration: 5 minutes
Network: TV Tokyo
Media: Manga, Short anime
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Shōnen
Episodes: 26 (Indonesian subbed version is available)
Season(s): 2

  Long ago, a gigantic hole appeared on the earth and demons appeared everywhere. The king thinks this is the portends the resurrection of the demon king Rchimedes, who was sealed away by the legendary hero (which is also revived) a millenium years ago. The king decreeds that descendants of the hero must take on the threat, and 75 people are choosen to do this.
  The story follows the hero no.45, Alba Frühling. Who goes on a journey with a little innocent demon and a sadist royal soldier, in order to stop the demon king.


~Main Characters~

   Hero no .45 and the main protagonist. A boy who has a Tsukkomist and masochist personality but is also kind-hearted. Likes prison, because he's the only hero from all 75 heroes that is also a prisoner. Even though he's 1/2 prisoner, he doesn't has a criminal record :P. 
   In the manga (vol. 2 and 3), he becomes a Maou Yu***a (copyright cut :}) because of the large amount of Mana he has. Then he becomes the legendary hero, and starts a new era that makes Creashion isn't longer the legendary hero. But sadly in chapter 3 of the manga, he's no longer the main character.
   In popularity poll (vol. 2  chapter 57.5), his nickname is revealed. And it's Rib Guy (since his ribs cracked for so many times because of Ruki's gate). A pretty popular character (2nd rank after Shion).

Extra facts:

-His mother is actually just a bunch of emoticons
-Actually he already meet Shion (his royal soldier) from the first time. When he was travelling around the desert. He saw a man (who is actually Shion) in front of him, sitting around like a confused people while the sandstorm was approaching the dessert. He tried to warn him, but fail. Then he meet again with him at the bar. But at that time, he still viewed him as a stranger. (Full story, read the manga chapter 0)

-Ross (Shion)

  The royal soldier (ally) who companies Alba. He's actually the (previous) legendary hero who seals Rchimedes 1 millenium years ago. Because of his status as the demon lord's son, he has a demon-like personality but also kind at heart (well.. Sometimes he's kind outside). Loves to play or annoy Alba along the way...
   Now back to the manga. In vol 2 chapter 20-25 (i forgot, these chapters tell his childhood). He was a gentle kid who didn't have a mother. He lived his life with his father and his step brother, Crea (Also known as Claire). His father, was a guy who loves to create weird experience and never look at his son, Shion (his real name). His hobby when he was young was only choping woods and digging holes, sometimes play with his step bro (who is also his bff. Plus he didn't interact with much people). One day (AT that time), when he was about to dig a hole to plant an apple tree for both he and Clare, he showed his meanest side. He punched his bff until he died. After that incident, his father comes to warn him. He tries his best to betray him but his father killed him (by slashing his right hand) and he died.
    Few hours later after he died (i forgot, was it few months or hours), he was revived by his own best friend. And then, both of them were went to look for materials. The search for the materials ended up by his father who stabbed Crea to death. Unfortunately i forgot the continue ^^"

    After 1000 years passed, he met his father (name: unknown) again for the 2nd time. Not to celebrate, but having the last battle with him. Luckily, he and the party won the battle but also he lose his title as the legendary hero. In the 3rd volume. He starts his free days travelling with Crea, also become the great great (young) grandfather for the young hero, Lake and a trainer for Alba (who can't control his mana at that time but ended knocked out with Alba because of the final test with him). But then has to fight back because of the reborn of the new demon lord ritual.

     Now back to the popularity poll (chapter 57.5). He's the one who has the highest votes in the vote. Maybe most voters choose him because of his handsome look in chapter 2 (his short, shaggy hair looks cooler than the previous spiky one.) and also his saddist and mansquline action (Which is WHY i like him the most ò///ó) which can approach fangirls' heart.

     In the chapter 0, when he first landed on the year after 1000 years passed. He feels confused at first because of doesn't know where he is. But then gets friendly with his first aquintance (Alba) quickly. For the spiky hair he got at vol.1, here's the secret. Actually before he become the royal soldier, he went to the barbershop to change his hairstyle in order to sneak into the castle. That spiky hairstyle was the most popular one at that time...


  The 3rd demon king. The only child from the royal demon family. The youngest member of the party. She's a cute, innocent girl who also a little mature. She's actually the cause of the mess (yea, monsters EVERYWHERE). It was because of her clumsy action when she accidentaly made popcorns using the monster culbourn (forgot how to spell, i'm not good at English ^^") and then the monsters were popped around like popcorn (look at episode 3). 
   Her first appearance is when she got stabbed on the head by Alba when she was walking around. After she got revived, her first wish was a grape flavoured cola.
   In volume 3 of the manga, she becomes the sub teacher (at young age) at the hero academy. Then she got a little sister named Lym, who was born because of her father's loneliness.

~Major characters~

The other new hero with same mission. He's died in episode 10 in season 2 (reason still unknown).
*in the 3rd chapter of the manga, he becomes a teacher in the hero academy

-Ares (female)
The head maid who is told doesn't look like it either. She's good at making steel machine armors

A princess who doesn't act like a princess. Her weapon is a gigantic steel knight armor that could transform into anything.

-Head buttler (Real name?)
A character that only appears in the OVA (in the manga, he often appears). A very sleepy one.
*The king thinks he's too dumb to be a head buttler in the OVA

-Demon lord (Real name?)
One of the seal's resident. He's a demon lord who doesn't even looks evil. He's more like an easy-going one.

A soldier who has the same mission as the heroes. But the reason isn't as honorable as the others.


  A giraffe-like creature. Alba loses with it in a fight.


   The story is great, it's very relatable with the theme and there's always funny actions in every episodes. First i feel like it's awesome, but at the end, it feels that i wanna cry..
    I also wishing for this anime has a longer duration. I bet it'll be awesome if it has a longer duration. And i don't think that the 3rd season will come after 30 years later, maybe it'll be this year or next year :/

Maybe this anime is short, but it's awesome! U should watch it

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