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Saturday, June 7, 2014

  It seems that, it's really otakunism. Every story here are based by an otaku life (since i feel i have the same thing that happens to Konata). Yep, obssessed by games, manga bookworm, and most of all, only watches manga. But the genre here is random :3 first it's comedy, then shönen (focus type), crossover, then drama. And then, the lucky channel... Yeah i think Akira doesn't have to hurt the guy that assists her ._. But she's a little too....

Aired: 8 April 2007
Duration: 25 minutes
Genre: Comedy, Slice of life, Shōnen
Media: Tv animation series, manga, light novel
Network: CTC
Episodes: 24 (dubbed episodes are available in Youtube)
Season(s): 1

General information
  Being Otaku isn't easy, you have to survive on this world only with 4 options (manga, games, animes, and cosplays). This thing is happens on the life of an otaku gamer girl, Konata Izumi. She spends a single day by reading manga, watch anime, and playing games. And everytime she's  hanging out with her friends, there's always a trouble. Funny things always waiting on every episodes


~Main Characters~

-Konata Izumi (Otaku Goddess)
  Her Favourite anime: The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (aired at 2006)
She's a girl who is intrested in anime/manga, and gaming. A not very smart one, and never thinks anything logical. Pretty popular because......nah i dunno her school doings ^w^". She owns an anime cosplay café (with a Haruhi theme) which is small, and not a very good place to eat in (late ordering, unloyal waiters, small place).
*She's the shortest than the others

-Kagami Hiiragi
  A tsundere girl, one of Konata's friends. Has a hight temper
*She ever cosplaying as Hatsune Miku and it looks perfectly just like the real Miku. 

-Tsukasa Hiiragi (the moe)
  Kagami's twin sister. Unlike her sister, she's very kind and pure. But sometimes can act 

-Miyuki Takara
  A very calm one. Mostly smiles, and the smartest than the others. She's rarely unhappy though.

~Major characters~

-Minami Iwasaki
A quiet one, doesn't talk very much. the emotionless one. Yutaka's bestfriend, she always with Yutaka everywhere she goes

-Yutaka Kobayakawa
Another moe character. She's Konata cousin. A very innocent one, and also a loli.

-Ayano Minagishi

-Hiyori Tamura

-Yui Narumi
  A police women who is Konata's cousin (though she's older than Konata). likes to hang out, and going to the bar. She ever called as "Initial D driver" because of her cool driving style B3

-Yukari Takara
   Miyuki's mother. Only appears when Miyuki is in her home.

-Patricia Martin
  Nationality: France (maybe)
  A foreigner. One of Konata's classmate. The only character that doesn't speak Japanese very well (she ever said that in one episode...)

-Nanako Kuroi
  Konata's teacher. She gets along very well with Konata. But sometimes not...
*She ever (accidentaly) delete one of Konata's saved game file

-Misao Kasukabe

-Konata's father (name?)
-Kanata Izumi
  She's the soul of Konata's mother, who is failed to survive when giving a birth to Konata

-Akira Kogami
 The presenter of Lucky Channel. Always appears at the end of every episodes, giving a review about the recent episode. She's weird... Sometimes

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