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Sunday, June 8, 2014

  She's the head maid of Scarlet's devil mansion. The only human there, and Remilia's most loved employee than the others. Even though she's a maid, she doesn't even acted like it. She's a calm, little-violent (other name, Badass) teenage girl who has a lot of special ability. Her abilities are:

-Control time and space. Using this power, she could make the time runs faster, or even reverse it. But unfortunately she can't use this power to repair broken things into it's looks before it's broken.

-Her eyes color changed. Her eye color will change according to what she doing.

-Knife throw. She's not using knives just to chop vegetables or fruits. She uses it as weapon. She can throw until 100 knives at the same time. It's been told that her cooking hand and throwing hand are controlable.

There are some debuts about her age. I heard that her age is between 16 and 20. The true answer is still unknown.

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